Version Log

We constantly work on making our cheeses better. Here, we publish when we release a new update with a short description about what's new.
v1.1: Streptococcus thermophilus (Dec 2020)

Version 1.0 was good enough to get started, but we knew that there's a lot to improve. Our main goal was to improve the taste by getting rid of the "beany" flavor. We started experimenting with lactic acid bacteria, which are also used extensively in dairy-based cheese making. Like other lactic acid bacteria, S. thermophilus "eat" carbohydrates and produce lactic acid (yes, lactic acid is vegan). Thereby, they change the taste and texture of the cheese.
Compared to the previous version, v1.1 has a better taste and all the beaniness is gone. As an added benefit, it also improved the shelf life since our new "good" bacteria makes sure "bad" bacteria or fungi have a harder time to make the cheese go bad.
All cheeses starting from Batch 3 are v1.1.

v1.0: Hello, world (Nov 2020)

The first version of our first cheese, Yeti No. 1 is born. Batch 1 and 2 were all version 1.0 cheeses.