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Yeti Cheese

Our first cheese, Yeti No. 1, has a mild taste and a creamy texture.

It's great to eat with a piece of fresh bread, put it on your salad or pizza, use it to make pasta sauce or whatever else you would do with a cheese from animals.

The Process

We looked at how cheese from animals is made, and adapted the same manufacturing process to work with plants.

Most cheeses (from Ricotta to Gruyère) are made like this: First, get some milk. Second, coagulate the milk. Third, press and ripen the resulting curds into cheese.

Instead of stealing milk from animals, we make the milk directly from soybeans. Also, we had to come up with a different way of coagulating the milk. The result is the same: tasty cheese.

The Ingredients

We use as few ingredients as possible. All it takes is soybean, sunflower oil, salt and water. We only use organic ingredients and source our soy and sunflower oil directly from farmers in Bavaria, Germany.
High-quality soybeans deliver complete proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Delicious sunflower oil adds yummy unsaturated fats and a creamy texture.
Pure, additive-free salt contributes to taste, texture and ripening.
Water. What can we say about water? It's the key to life.

The Nutritional Values

Soybean is one hell of a plant. Not only does our cheese contain as much proteins and minerals (like calcium and phosphorus) as cheese from animals, but it's even healthier for you. It has zero cholesterol and very few saturated fats.

Soybean proteins are complete proteins. This means that they contain all essential amino acids and can replace proteins from animals fully.