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What's Yeti Foods?
Yeti Foods is a maker of plant-based cheese that tastes amazing and is great for you and the planet. Our first cheese is called Yeti No. 1.
What are the ingredients?
We like keeping it simple. We only use soybeans, sunflower oil, water and salt.
Is Yeti Cheese vegan?
Yes, we only use plant-based ingredients.
How do you make it?
We use the same process dairy-based cheese makers have been using for thousands of years. First, we make milk from the soybeans. Then, we coagulate the milk and put the resulting curds into cheese forms. Next, we press the curds. When the pressing is done, we remove the cheese from the form and salt it. Finally, we ripen it. Read more about our process here.
How does it taste and feel?
Our first and currently only cheese, Yeti No. 1, is a soft white cheese that has a creamy texture. It has a mild, slightly acidic taste. If you need to compare it to more known varieties, we would put it somewhere between a Ricotta and a Feta.
What's the best way to serve Yeti Cheese?
Yeti No. 1 is super versatile. We love to crumble it and put it into our salad. Or use it to make a cheesy and creamy pasta sauce. You can also go simple and just eat it with a piece of fresh bread and some olive oil. If you're a sandwich lover, why not try it out in your sandwich or bagel? We're sure that there are more creative ways to eat Yeti Cheese - surprise us!
How long does it stay fresh?
We guarantee that Yeti No. 1 keeps its texture and taste for at least 1 week after you've bought it.
Can I put Yeti Cheese in the freezer?
While Yeti Cheese is better enjoyed fresh, it's absolutely possible to put your cheese in the freezer to eat it at a later point in time. In our experience, it tastes just as good after it has come out of the freezer.
Where can I buy Yeti Cheese?
You can order Yeti Cheese online here. If you're in Berlin you can buy it at our shop in Kreuzberg or at Dr. Pogo in Neukölln.


How long does it take to ship?
We make a fresh batch every week and ship on Thursdays. It then takes 2-3 days to arrive.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs € 7 within Germany and € 13 for all other countries. We ship for free if you order 6 or more cheeses for Germany, and 10 or more cheeses for all others. Shipping costs include insulation material and cooling packs.
Where do you ship to?
We currently ship to Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Ireland and Finland. If you live in another country and crave Yeti Cheese, let us know here.
How do you make sure the cheese stays fresh during shipping?
We use insulated shipping boxes and cooling packs to make sure you get your cheese cold and fresh.
Which shipping company do you use?
We ship with DPD and DHL.
What if I'm not at home when my cheese arrives?
Once we ship your cheese, you'll get a tracking number by email. DHL and DPD allow you to reschedule your delivery window or tell them to leave the cheese with a neighbor.

For Restaurants

How can I order Yeti Cheese?
Easy! Just fill out this form and we'll get back to you.
How long does the delivery take?
It depends a bit on our stock. On average, it will take around 7 days. If you have an emergency, let us know and we'll make it happen sooner.
To which countries do you deliver?
We only serve restaurants in Germany for now.
Can I buy it at my wholesaler?
We're currently delivering directly to restaurants and are not working with wholesalers. However, we'll start working with wholesalers soon. For now, just order from us directly by filling out this form. If buying directly is a problem for you, please let us know why via email and we can figure something out.
How much does it cost?
It depends on the amount you buy. Get in touch with us and we'll have a look.

Health and Environment

Is Yeti Cheese healthy for me?
Yeti Cheese is healthier for you than animal-based cheese. Yeti Cheese contains soybean proteins which are complete proteins, meaning that they contain all essential amino acids that your body needs. It has similarly high protein levels as dairy-based cheese. Compared to animal-based cheese, Yeti Cheese contains less saturated fats and zero cholesterol. Furthermore, it contains a lot of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

However, keep in mind that cheese is still cheese and not a kale salad.
I read that soy is bad the for environment. Is that true?
No, it's not true. The soybean plant is one of the most environmental-friendly plants ever. Compared to other plants, it doesn't need a lot of water or land area. Furthermore, it can grow in many different parts of world (unlike cashew, almond or coconut). It also fixes nitrogen to the soil, meaning that farmers need to use less fertilizer.

The dairy lobby is pushing the narrative that soy is bad for the environment. The problem is that a lot of soy is used as animal food. In fact, more than 85% of the soybean that is grown is used as such. Therefore, soybean is often wrongly associated with having a negative environmental impact and being responsible for deforestation.
Where do you get your soybeans from?
We source our soy directly from the farm Biohof Lex in Bavaria, Germany.
Where do you get your sunflower oil from?
We source our sunflower oil directly from the farm Weinmannshof in Bavaria, Germany.
Is Yeti Cheese organic?
All our ingredients are organic, but we are not yet certified as organic.
Is Yeti Cheese GMO?
No, we don't use genetically modified ingredients.